Shipped Titles

Scamp: High Hat Havoc

Unreal Engine 4

Project Imp is an action-platformer starring Scamp, a lovable imp who has teleportation abilities. I worked with the 19-person team on this project as a technical designer. I coordinated with programmers and other designers on mission design/scripting, level design, and gameplay programming.

Super Perspective


Super Perspective is a platforming-puzzler that involves shifting the world between 2D and 3D. I worked on this project as a programmer with 4 other team members, performing various technical tasks like implementing gameplay elements, refining character movement, and creating the character’s animation state machine.

Halls of Humsworth

Game Maker Studio

Halls of Humsworth is a scrolling shooter set in a medieval castle, but all is not as it seems… The game was made entirely by me using Game Maker studio, except for the original soundtrack.

AAA Experience

NBA Live 20

I worked at GameSim on contract with Electronic Arts to provide support to the user interface team on NBA Live 20. I implemented user interface functionality using ActionScript and C++.

VGDev Projects

These are older games that were made on teams as part of the VGDev club at Georgia Tech. They are all finished games and are available to download/play on the VGDev website. I served as a programmer and designer on all of them, as well as being team lead on some of them.

Fire on a Dark Planet
Freezing Solid
Zylatov Sisters